Jim Haverland

GA License Number: 277037

PalmerHouse Properties
5755 North Point Parkway Suite 16 Alpharetta GA 30022

From Matthew Focht

To anyone who owns a home, is thinking about owning a home, selling a home, or know of anyone who is in any one of those scenarios then I’d strongly recommend you use Jim Haverland from PalmerHouse Properties as your realtor and never think twice.

When deciding on whom to use for my realtor I only met with Jim and that’s the only appointment I needed to make. When living at my former residence I received several informative letters from Jim over the years. And each time I received one of the pieces I thought to myself, “Man, this guy knows his stuff. He’s friendly, professional, and is someone I will definitely consider if and when I look at selling my home.”

When the time did come to put my house on the market, I pulled out my house file and pulled up many of those letters I had been sent by Jim over the years. Upon calling Jim’s number, and hearing him pick up immediately, I had a good feeling about him. After meeting with him shortly thereafter, I knew I had the man for the job.

Within just a few months I had sold my house for a price, and with terms, and to a wonderful family that I was comfortable with. Jim was incredibly professional from day one and I never saw a different side of him. Jim was able to sell a house for me while I lived in California. And for anyone who knows me you can imagine that wasn’t the easiest task. Jim made MANY accommodations for me.

In fact, he made EVERY accommodation for me. He even got his beautiful daughter to help pick up my car. Not once but twice. He was always careful with my belongings in the house and gave me detailed reports of who had looked at the house and what his instincts and experience were telling him about how they may move forward.

I joked with Jim every time he picked up the phone because Jim answered the phone EVERY time I called, with one exception, and that was only because he was on the other line with the buyer’s realtor working out last minute details. In fact, Jim was taking my calls at 2am, during the final minutes of when the contract needed to be finalized, and I never sensed an ounce of frustration.

Without a doubt, if I had a home to sell, or buy, or knew of someone in that situation, I would not hesitate to use Jim Haverland with PalmerHouse Properties. You’ll be happy you did.




From Meryl C.

My husband and I first met Jim Haverland when we called him to discuss Listing our home in Glen Brooke.  We were very impressed with his knowledge of the neighborhood, his expectations of us, and his commitment to ALL phases of the sale.  Jim made us feel that our home would be in the right hands and that it would be marketed in a professional, responsible, and caring manner.

We had no doubt he was the agent we wanted to work with.  He helped us to arrive at the correct asking price – the house sold for $34k above the previous year’s high price in the neighborhood.

We communicated daily.  Jim monitored the surrounding market constantly and showed us what to expect.  His Listing was 100% accurate and strongly marketing oriented.  He did ALL the showings to be sure that other (less knowledgeable) agents and their buyers knew everything about the house and the neighborhood.  He pointed out what he called the “Value Points”, or those potentially hidden features, that add value – like our insulated garage doors, the 400 Amp power, several hidden closet areas, and so much more.

He actually assisted us with some of the needed inspection concerns – not only with references, but by DOING!   From Listing to Contract, it was 31 days, and the Closing was smooth and friendly.  We wish Jim was here in California to help us find a new home!

Meryl C.


From Meryl R.

When we decided to buy our new home, Jim was referred to us by friends he had previously helped who spoke extremely highly of him – his detail work, his availability, his high level of professionalism and his primary focus of watching out for our best interests.

Although we knew the price range and approximate location of our desired home, we soon found out that there was a scarcity of listings that fit our requirements. Jim set up a search that enabled us to know as soon as a listing hit the market or as soon as a listing price dropped into our range – with the very specific criteria we were looking for. We looked at multiple homes, and Jim was extremely detailed in analyzing those properties in which we were interested to determine the validity of the asking price, based on multiple factors.

He was also helpful in avoiding those homes in which he felt the potential resale was not in our best interest. When we found the home we wanted, there were several things that impressed us most: Jim was ALWAYS available when we needed him. He personally answered virtually every phone call, regardless of the hour. He communicated with us in virtually every possible manner, including text, phone and email in an impressively timely manner – in detail. We felt like we were working like a team, rather than Jim feeding us and showing us listings.

After we found the house we eventually bought, we saw another aspect of his professionalism: He negotiated the details of the transaction expertly, ensured the sellers repaired what we requested, worked with the sellers agent, not in a contentious manner, but in a highly professional manner, working for our interests.



From Russ

It is impossible to imagine a real estate professional that is more dedicated to his clients than Jim. Jim has partnered with us in buying our current home and also recently selling a former residence that we had transitioned into a rental property. His commitment to our needs and interests was unparalleled. Jim is extremely responsive, always helpful, and goes far beyond expectations to assist you through the process, to get a good price if you are purchasing, and to get the price you want if you are selling. Jim is more than a realtor, he is a project manager who is extremely focused on serving his clients throughout the entire process, from pre-listing to post-close. Jim is very fun to work with, optimistic, pleasant under all circumstances, and extremely flexible. Jim knows the process of buying and selling a home inside and out, and he is extremely knowledgeable about structures, including intimate knowledge of the value of features and where there may be hidden pitfalls. We are very busy with work and kids and we put our full faith and trust in Jim and he delivered without exception! Sufficed to say, without hesitation, we recommend Jim to anyone interested in buying or selling a home