Jim Haverland

GA License Number: 277037

PalmerHouse Properties
5755 North Point Parkway Suite 16 Alpharetta GA 30022

I became a Realtor® in 2004 and have been a full-time Real Estate Agent since that time. Currently my Real Estate License is with PalmerHouse Properties where I have had my license since 2013.

I initially “hung my license” at Metro Brokers, where, in my 1st year as an Agent, I earned Rookie of the Year Award, beating out more than 1,300 new Agents and also won the Summit Club Award for sales over $5M.

Between Metro Brokers and PalmerHouse Properties I spent 6 years with Keller Williams where I earned the additional accreditation of Luxury Home Specialist.

My primary area of focus and intimacy is the “North Atlanta - Outside The Perimeter” area, which encompasses the East Cobb area of Cobb County, the Southeast portion of Cherokee County (Woodstock and Canton), and North Fulton County which includes Roswell, Alpharetta, and Milton.

I work with both Buyers and with Sellers and have assisted in the sale of homes from $130,000 to $1.8 Million. To see some of my recent sales and testimonials, please click here.

Every home that I have Listed and Sold since 2013 has been SOLD without a single price reduction from the Original Listing Price. And, because there is a Perfect Price for every home, none of them were listed for a Lowball price, in fact, EVERY home was sold at the highest price EVER in their subdivision.

Selling your home is an individual business transaction. It is NOT a production line process
and is rarely repeatable. The Agent you choose should have 3 simple goals:
  • Sell your home in the shortest time possible, but never for less than its value
  • Find a Buyer who is willing to pay the Market Value
  • Communicate with you constantly to keep you totally informed of all showings, expectations, and required steps to bring the business transaction to a trouble-free close.

In order to make that happen, the agent needs to price it perfectly, market it superbly, communicate constantly and monitor the competition.

I have earned my reputation and my 5 star rating for several reasons - the most significant being that I don't have a Team and I'm not part of a team. If you call me, you get ME - 24 hours a day (or 25 hours a day if needed!).

As the single point of contact for everything involved with the responsibilities below, you never have to  be concerned that when you call me, that the call will be answered by someone who has never been in your neighborhood, never been in your home, doesn't know of the features and upgrades you have done, and who has no idea who you are and what your needs may be. I don't see the value of introducing middlemen when I am always available. When a Buyers' Agent calls to discuss contract details, they need to talk directly to me with no delay. If there is a team involved, it's you and I, because you and I know all the details of WHY we Listed your house at the price we did - in detail!

As the single, and only point of contact, this then is what I do differently:

                                        Perfect Pricing Strategy

I have not reduced the price of any home I have Listed, since 2013. And each home sold was for the highest price in it's neighborhood at the time it sold!

In a Sellers' Market (which we have been in since 2015), any time you see a price reduction, what you are actually seeing is an acknowledgement that the Original Listing Price was incorrect. (The blame could be the Sellers' perception of the value of his home in the market, or the Agent's lack of due diligence in spending the time required to determine the correct price, or the Agent's attempt to get the Listing, knowing it will have to be reduced eventually - and they have a strategy for that, too!)

And, in a Sellers' Market, where Buyers are hooked into automatic searches that instantly let them know that a house (YOUR HOUSE) just came on the market, in the schoold district they wanted,  in the neighborhood they wanted, even with the finished basement they wanted, they won't even bother looking at your house if you're overpriced, because you're above the price they wanted to pay - especially compared to other homes - your competition!

You have lost the most interested Buyers you ever could have had - the ones who wanted a house exactly like yours and had an automatic search to find it. But, you were overpriced, and those people are gone! In an initial attempt to squeeze just a little more out of the market (or, "test" the market) it is now going to cost you dearly. It has been clearly demonstrated that homes that are priced correctly end up with a better price than those that took even 1 reduction.

Pricing your home correctly is the most important job your Agent can do. You should get the highest price possible for your house, in its current condition
on the day it is Listed, with its particular features, with its square footage, relative to all other recent home sales! And it should Appraise successfully at that price.

On a standard day, as I check what is new on the market, for every 15 new listings, there are generally 25 homes with price reductions. That basically means that many will be reduced more than once.

Some Agents actually reduce the price by $5.00 so it shows up to other Agents as a "Price Reduction". (And it's your home they're playing with!) What are the options? What can the Agent do?

  • Price it lower than its market value so it sells faster, the transaction is churned quickly, money is left on the floor (not even the table) and the Agent gets his Commission sooner!
  • Price it higher than its market value which frequently is used to get the Agent the Listing, or the Seller is adamant about "testing the market" but will cause the house to last longer on the market, the net proceeds will end up being lower, the Listing becomes “stale”, and one reduction after another points to a Seller who is desperate (causing the worst negotiating position possible, and obviously a reduction in net proceeds).
  • The third choice is Pricing Perfectly. It will Sell in the right time and at the right price. I have been to multiple Appraisal courses and I know how a home should be priced for its condition, location, and features at the time it is put on the market. I price perfectly and also strategically. If I can’t show you and convince you that I have the perfect price for your home, how could I possibly convince the Buyer? Price is KEY and my pricing is based on well accepted appraisal guidelines. I price perfectly and/or strategically.

If an Agent is  not capable of determining the PERFECT PRICE, for your house, for the condition it's in, on the day it is listed, they should be representing Buyers only - not Sellers who deserve to get the full value when they list their homes - as I believe they should!

                                             Superb Marketing

I spent many years as a Corporate Marketing Director and I assure you, Marketing is NOT Selling! Marketing is presenting information about your product (your home) that generates sufficient interest in the product such that people become interested and enticed. In Real Estate it requires far more than simply Listing the Home. It requires sensible photography, non-redundant but enticing verbiage, selling more than simply the home only (it includes the location, lifestyle, neighborhood, etc.), staging, and 100% accuracy in the Listing information. All Marketing must create excitement for the features, and the features must support the price – creating excitement, interest, validity, and value! I create value in the mind of the buyer.


I, personally, will communicate with you at least weekly, or daily if you prefer, plus after every single showing. I, personally, will do EVERY SHOWING if possible. (see note below) after which I will pass on the feedback from the showing. I also will monitor the competition weekly to determine if outside circumstances require a price change (increase or decrease). I do not like to change a price but will if it is to your benefit. I no longer use an automated feedback system because there is no better interaction than using a phone. I speak with every showing agent, assess the interest level of the potential buyer and garner comments that might assist in presenting the property in a more favorable light. I have been highly acknowledged for my level of personal communication.


Accuracy is included in my marketing efforts, but deserves its own bullet. Errors in Listings today are out of control to a point where nearly 90% of Listings have either erroneous information or omissions! Wrong information concerning the wrong schools, bus stops, directions to the home, neighborhood amenities, square footage, and especially Taxes, cause potential buyers to question what other errors there might be, or even worse, to not even see a Listing in an Internet search. I have examples, and again - horrific stories, of the impact of inaccuracies. 

Listing Price, Accuracy, and Marketing are my strengths, and have resulted in a 100% successful, and amenable CLOSING RATE. A high level of Communication just makes the entire process much more stress-free.

I will not overprice a house in order to get a listing – but I will price it for its full value and attempt to increase the value of the neighborhood.

Please check some of my recent home Sales (which have a few Testimonials), or just call me at 678 371-4012. Guess who will answer 100% of the time!

Note on "Every Showing"

When a Buyers' Agent brings a potential Buyer into your home and your neighborhood, usually the Agent knows nothing about either the home or the neighborhood. In reality, neither the Agent nor Buyer know more than what is in the Listing. How then can an Agent actually SELL the house, not knowing the hidden features, the details, your upgrades, and all other benefits that make the house worth the price at which we Listed it?

I always offer my services to any Buyer or Buyer's Agent who will allow me to personally do the showing. Other than you, the Seller, who  knows more about the house than I do, and who can sell it better? It's my preference to offer this service - in fact it's more than a preference - I see it as my job and responsibility!