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Because the Roswell School System is among the best in the State, the opportunity to search for Homes For Sale  in Roswell by High School is offered below.

Roswell High School generally serves students on the West side of GA-400 (also known as Rte-19).

Centennial High School serves students on the East side of GA-400 plus a small area on the west side.

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Downtown Roswell
Of all the towns or cities in North Atlanta, Roswell is easily the most historic, most visited by tourists, and offers the most authentic downtown area with outstanding restaurants, Art Galleries, and a community flavor that is unparalled in the rest of North Atlanta.

      Roswell Relative to Downtown Atlanta  
The entire Southern border of the City of Roswell is the Chattahoochee River, so from a Real Estate perspective the Chattahoochee was a natural barrier with the only way to get from downtown Atlanta to Roswell was using Route 9 (which paralleles Rte 19 on the map - slightly to the left of GA-19).

What happened in Roswell, in the 1970s, was the same that happened in all of North Atlanta - Outside The Perimeter - Road Construction concurrent with LARGE community developement, frequently with golf courses! Add to that a huge influx of middle-management employees, generally from the North.

GA-400 (shown as Rt-19 on the map) was opened north of 285 as far north as GA-92 in 1971.

The early 1970s was the time that Atlanta, as an international city and business center, exploded.

And suddenly, in the early 70s, people had a way to live in Roswell and work in the Atlanta. And GA-400 expanded farther northward and then even southward directly into the city.

Concurrent with the northward expansion was the completion of I-285 in 1979, the "Perimeter" which completely encircled Atlanta. And all along I-285 sprung up Shopping Malls with Office Buildings. And suddenly, in the early 1970s, you didn't even have to go to downtown Atlanta - everything you needed was right outside the Perimeter - and you had an easy path to the suburbs that was just created for your benefit!

GA-400 actually splits Roswell with downtown Roswell on the west side of 400.

So, similar to what happened in East Cobb, large subdivisions were built on vast amounts of open acreage.

Martins Landing subdivision was started in 1972, right along the Chatahoochee River on the east side of the new GA-400. Today there are 1,964 homes in Martin's Landing. (Alas, no golf course!)

Photo of Horse Shoe Bend CCHorseshoe Bend is a large subdivision built around the Horseshoe Bend Country Club which opened  in 1974. It too is located along the Chattahoochee River.

Brookfield Country Club was opened in 1973 as another "golf community" weaving the course through the entire community. Obviously, the ideal was to have as many homes actually overlooking the course as possible.

Willow Springs added another golf course community (The Country Club of Roswell) in the late 1970s, slightly farther north, but still with immediate access to GA-400.

And, then came more exclusive country clubs, such as Settindown Creek, a little farther out, and preceeding the high end community that was integrated around the course.

The short story about Roswell is that when GA-400 was built, and the Perimeter was completed, Roswell, already a well established business community, was the most ideal location outside the Perimeter. The suburbs have begun! (And thanks to GA-400, they haven't ended yet).