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If you would be kind enough, please CLICK HERE in order to fill out a form that will help me determine what your home is worth on the Market today.

But, let's be honest here!

Neither I nor anyone else can determine the price, or the value, without seeing it, in person, inside and out!

When you see those "Sponsored Ads" on Facebook that state "What's your home worth?", they can't give you a valid estimate UNLESS THEY COME TO YOUR HOME. It's called a LEAD. They now have your name and email address - and you will get a call from them to come see your home.

They are Phishing, and you are the fish. Try to get off that hook once they are in your house!

If you want to know what your house is worth, ask a Real Estate Agent if they would evaluate it. Ask them what they think it will sell for and what they would list it for. Ask them if there are things you can do to enhance the value. If they have already determined the Listing Price, before they inspect the house, show them the door., because it is impossible to determine a Listing Price without seeing the home first.

Not even I can determine the PERFECT PRICE within 10 minutes, or even an hour, of seeing your property. It takes a very thorough analysis. So you either wait 24 hours and get the PERFECT PRICE or go with someone else's guestimate. I quite assure you - it can cost you thousands of dollars if the guestimate or knee-jerk reply is erroneous.

Incidentally, you cannot rely on any web site's guestimate (Zillow or Homes.com, etc.), regardless of which you search. (It's not a long discussion as to WHY, but there are many reasons. Call me to discuss if you'd like.)

Or do this the really easy way:
Check out My Real Estate Story on this website.
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Check out My Recent Sales and read the Testimonials

If you're comfortable with what you see, call me directly and I'll be happy to evaluate what your home is worth, in the current market, and in its current condition. BUT I HAVE TO SEE IT FIRST!

If you alreaady checked me out, here's a shortcut to contact me easily and directly:

Jim Haverland
Direct Phone: 678 371-4012
email: JimH.YourAgent@gmail.com

Remember, 24 hours a day (or 25 if you need it!)