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There is no way any Real Estate Agent can cover the entire Atlanta Metro Area - at least not well!

In my case, I've chosen to focus on the area of "North Atlanta" Outside The Perimeter. There is also the area designated as ITP, or Inside the Perimeter.

If you are unfamiliar with the Atlanta Area, let's go back a little.......

Georgia is the largest state east of the Mississippi River. It consists of  mountains in the North, the Piedmont Plateau, and the Coastal Plains in the Southeast.

Atlanta is the largest City in the state and is most ideally located because of its proximity to the North Georgia mountains, large recreational lakes suitable for sailing, boating, fishing and swimming.

Servicing the Atlanta area, with Atlanta as the hub, are 3 major Interstates (I-75, I-85, and I-20).

 An arbitrary designation of "North Georgia" lies somewhere southof Atlanta and then northward to Tennesee, North Carolina and South Carolina.

"North Atlanta" is also an arbitrary designation,but generally refers to that area Eastof I-75 and West of I-85, fanning out northward from the City of Atlanta as far as the suburbs are still considered to be "Suburbs".

"The Perimeter" is the unofficial name of the Interstate, I-285, that encircles Atlanta, generally about 10 miles (more and/or less) from Downtown Atlanta.

People have somewhat recently begun to use a phrase to that defines whether you are more a city person or a suburb person. You live "Inside the Perimeter" to define that you are closer to the city of Atlanta and are therefore a city person. You live "ITP".

If you live "Outside the Perimeter", you are considered suburban. You live "OTP"! 

"North Atlanta - Outside the Perimeter"

The territory with which I am most familiar, and accounts for more than 98% of my transactions is "North Atlanta - OTP (Outside the Perimeter)"

The Counties included in my territory include Cobb County, Cherokee County, and Fulton County.

More specifically, within those counties, I handle East Cobb (the eastern part of  the City Marietta in Cobb County), Woodstock (the southeastern part of Cherokee County), and the cities of Alpharetta, Roswell, Johns Creek, Sandy Springs, and Milton (in North Fulton County)