Jim Haverland

GA License Number: 277037

PalmerHouse Properties
5755 North Point Parkway Suite 16 Alpharetta GA 30022

About Me

                                               Quick Facts

 I am a Full-time Real Estate Agent with PalmerHouse Properties and an Accredited Luxury Home Specialist. I was licensed in 2004 and previously worked with Metro Brokers and with Keller Williams.

 My area of intimacy (geographically) is in the North Atlanta area which includes Alpharetta, Milton, Marietta, Roswell, Sandy Springs, and Woodstock.

 I work with both Buyers and Sellers and have worked with homes valued from $130,000 to $1.25 Million.

                                       More Detailed Information

I have earned my reputation and my 5-star rating for several unique and distinct reasons: I don’t have a team and I’m not part of a team. If you call me, you get me – 24 hours a day (or 25 hours a day if needed!). If you’re a Buyer, I don’t turn you over to someone else with less experience. If you’re a Seller, I meet with you. I need to see and understand your home, the neighborhood, and understand what has been done.  I, personally, List your house, not an assistant who has never been there (or ever will). You get me. Single point of contact for every single part of the transaction.'

In my 1st year as a Realtor,  I earned "Rookie of the Year" award with Metro Brokers - out of more than 1,300 new Realtors.

I am also known for Accuracy (especially crucial in Listing your home to get the highest possible price). I haven’t had to reduce the price of a Listing since 2012 and I have gotten the highest price sales in every subdivision where I have Listed. Obviously, Accuracy is crucial in handling Contracts, where EVERY contract of which I have been a part, has closed on the originally scheduled day.

Communication is the key point of every Testimonial written about my service. First, as I already mentioned, if you call me, you don’t get an assistant or receptionist. You get me every time. If I’m already on a call, you’ll hear from me within 5 minutes of my ending the previous call. Guaranteed! You’ll know about EVERY showing if you are Listed with me. And you’ll get feedback on the showing and my perception of the interest level from actually talking to the showing agent. Yes, I actually call after every showing – if I didn’t do the showing myself!

I’ll go with your preference – phone, text, email, you name it. Did I mention 24 hours a day?!

Availability is rarely discussed by real estate agents. Part of the reason is that availability conflicts with their goals. Their goals? Close as many transactions as possible, or, as they advertise, “I close over 500 houses per year”. Imagine how much face time you’d get with that scenario. I don’t deal in quantity – I don’t have to and I don’t have a team I need to support! If I have more than 10 transactions per year there is no way I am able to give the Concierge Service you should expect and which I have always delivered. If you work, or if you are unavailable, or if you’ve already gone ahead and relocated, I am there to handle the nitty gritty for you (Inspections, Appraisals, repairs, cosmetic fixes, showings, etc.). That’s what I do!

If you go to the Page for Sellers or for Buyers, there is a little more detail on what it is that differentiates me from the pack.

                           Historical and Biographical Information

Originally from Long Island, New York, I have lived in the Atlanta area since 1979 (except for 9 years in Boston from 1994-2003). I have 3 awesome children and 3 more-awesome grandchildren, all of whom are in the Atlanta area.


I graduated from the University of Notre Dame and subsequently, in my professional career, bore such titles as Product Manager, Regional Sales Support Manager (Storage Technology), Corporate Director of Marketing Services (EMC Corporation), Director of Competitive Services, and other such titles. Essentially I know how to Sell, how to Market, how to Compete, and especially I know how to serve my clients!