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Alpharetta is a suburb of the City of Atlanta, Outside The Perimeter, and sits approximately 25 miles from Downtown Atlanta. It previously included what is now the City of Milton, GA until 2006 when Milton Incorporated itself as its own city.

Alpharetta is horse country (read "equestrian country"), with large land parcels, a historic and rejuvenated downtown, is now the 12th largest city in the State and is known as the Technology City of the South.

There are 3 very highly rated Public High Schools that serve Alpharetta - Milton High School, Cambridge High School and Alpharetta High School.

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Alpharetta didn't catch the first wave of the invasion of the Atlanta Area from the North in the 1970s - that honor went to Roswell and to East Cobb, primarily because Roswell and East Cobb were more proximate to Downtown Atlanta.

In fact, even as East Cobb and Roswell grew during the late 1960s and the entire 1970s, Alpharetta only had a population of 3,000 in 1980! (and that included the entire population of what is now the City of Milton, which had been a part of Alpharetta until 2006 when Milton broke away from Alpharetta and became a city of its own.)

Also, GA-400, which is the lifeline of Alpharetta and Milton to Atlanta, only went from I-285 (the Perimeter) north to GA 92 (that Yellow road cutting just under Alpharetta) in the earliest of the 1970s. Therefore, north of "92" was purely local roads.  

However, by 1979, GA-400 had completed construction well north of Alpharetta - yet there was no "easy" way into Atlanta. Finally, in 1993, the Southern part of GA-400 was completed which took GA-400 south of the Perimeter, and hooked up with I-85 and into the City of Atlanta.

The Northern Suburbs were now completely open for expansion and it was during the late 1980s and early 1990s that several major corporations built significant buildings in the Windward Parkway area (AT&T, Equifax, and many others).

And the high tech personnel required to man those operations came in droves, swelling the Alpharetta population to over 70,000 by 2015.

Learning their lessons from the growth of Roswell and East Cobb, the developers came. However, because Alpharetta was an clean canvas, developers had the sense (and the property) to build both affordable neighborhoods and extremely high end neighborhoods.

Among the most prestigous of the subdivisions was the Country Club of the South, built in the late 1980s, encompassing more than 700 homes - virtually all worth $1M and more. (Country Club of the South is now in Johns Creek - originally part of Alpharetta). It is built on over 900 acres and included a magnificant golf course.

The Alpharetta Country Club, now referred to as "Alpharetta Athletic Club West" weaves it way throughout another subdivision - Wood Valley, with homes in the $700K range.

Possibly the largest subdivision (or planned community) was Windward, built adjacent to the new business offices that were flocking along Windward Parkway. Included in the Windward Community were 2 golf courses, the Lakeside Course (opened in 1991) and the Creekside Course (opened in 1993).

In the mid 1990s, White Columns opened with over 400 homes - with a golf course weaving throughout the subdivision, which was laid out in 4 different communities.More recently, post-recession, Alpharetta has picked up where it left off.

Avalon - a mixed-use retail/restaurant/office space/residential community opened in 2013 and is expanding to this day.

Downtown Alpharetta underwent a major facelift with a new City Hall, many new restaurants, new, intown condos, bricked sidewalks and a community flavor only matched by Roswell.